Time to make the magic. 

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Follow the steps below and submit your brief at the bottom of the page.

Step 1 - Write Intro & Outro Script 

Your podcast intro and outro can be as simple, fun or creative as you like. 

(You can hear some examples at the bottom of the page)

Your Intro

This is your chance to tell people the name of your podcast, what it's about and who it is presented by. For example:

The pro podcast production podcast.

Giving your expert tips and advice on recording, editing and publishing your podcast

With your host Darcy Milne.

Your Outro

Your outro is your chance to let people know what would help you next. Rating and reviewing your podcast or heading to your website/socials.

For example:

Thanks for listening to the pro podcast production podcast.

If you like what you hear, be sure to subscribe!

For show notes and extra goodies - head to propodcastproduction.com

- Need help writing your script? Just let me know. 

Step 2 - Select your voice over artist.

A professional voice over artist  will give your podcast the professional touch. 
Lucky for you I've got a team together and all you have to do is select the one you like most:

Step 3 - Let's talk music

Your podcast intro & outro package includes premium music and the correct music license required for podcasting.

Simply let me know what tone you were thinking and I'll will then send you some options.

Let's bring it all together!

Once you've filled out the below I can get to work creating your very own professional podcast intro & outro package.

E.G Professional, Upbeat, Comedy, Simple?
Just so I can work to your timeline to ensure production is ready.