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Hey Bonita,

Thanks again for choosing Pro Podcast Production to create the sound and image for your new podcast.

I’ve personally created three options for you. You have the “happy guarantee” which means I can make any changes as needed, but I’m excited for you to hear them as they are!

When you are ready, let me know which one you like best and I’ll then create the outro in the same style.

Using the track provided, this one communicates the PASSION and ENERGY that is found within the game. It will allow your audience to immediately identify your podcast as a genuine, established voice in the football space.

Using the second track provided, this one creates a sense of INTRIGUE whilst setting a great pace for the podcast. It has professional undertones and establishes a sonic soundscape that sets up informed, insightful and independent opinion.

There’s something special about what you do, bringing the publishing, news and writing festival expressions of your business to one place. So as a final option I’ve created an intro that says MAGIC. Capturing the magic of the game combined with the magic you have to offer.