Darcy Milne

Pro Podcast Production is a boutique production business proudly owned and run by Darcy Milne allowing for direct contact during the creative process and the attention to detail your podcast deserves.

As one of the leading audio producers in Australia, he has 10 years experience in executing creative audio concepts at a world class standard. 

When he's not producing podcast production, he's the head of production for Australia's #1 Radio Show Kate, Tim and Marty - heard by over 1.6 million listeners every week.

Having won the Australian commercial radio award for best achievement in production and as a producer who's already worked on 49 podcast projects, he's now excited to apply his wealth of knowledge, expertise and creativity to your podcast giving you access to world class production at the best possible price. 

 The Voices

Not only will you gain access to a world class producer, Pro Podcast Production gives you access to access to 34 professional voice over artists from around the world ready to put their voice to your podcast as well as access to hand-picked, high quality music that fits the tone and feel of your podcast.