Let’s go live.

I’m proud to personally manage the publication of your podcast on your behalf.

This is an exciting process that takes your podcast to the world.

Where will my podcast appear?

Your podcast will be launched onto Itunes, the Apple Podcast App, Spotify and Google Podcasts.

How long does it take?

It can take anywhere between 3-10days for your podcast to be approved and appear of the various podcast apps. Once the key info is supplied below, I’ll submit your show to ensure it’s available for your audience on your launch day.

What does this service include?

Each week, I can upload your podcast on your behalf if provided with episode title and description or guide you on how to do this yourself.

How can I view the stats of my podcast?

You’ll be provided with login details to your hosting platform so you can always access your episode stats.

Please take the time to carefully fill out the following details.

This is how your podcast will appear on all podcast apps
This tells your audience what the podcast is about.
This will appear on the podcast feed.
Your launch date (when you will first promote the show)
Your launch date (when you will first promote the show)
Podcast Category (pick 3) *