Guide: Make your podcast sound professional.

Recording Gear


To record a podcast on location, you’ll require a recorder to facilitate the recording, an SD Card to record the content onto, microphones, microphone leads + microphone stands if desired.

Equipment Recommendations:

If there’s only ever one other guest I recommend:

  • Zoom H4n Pro Handy Recorder. $349

Whilst it has two microphones built it, for best results I would recommend buying two additional microphones with leads to plug into this recorder. You can also plug this recorder into your computer to use during a Skype call.

If there could be more than one guest you’ll need:

Zoom H6 recorder $519

Exactly the same company and features as above, however it allows for up to 4 microphones to be plugged in:


I recommend two microphones that can be used for location interviews + skype calls on your end (if used with the above recorders)

Budget option - Shure SM58 Microphone $165

This microphone is used by singers, comedians, presentation speakers and now podcasters. This is a high quality, good microphone that will produce nice results.

You will just want to ensure your guest is talking directly into this microphone as audio will be affected if they talk slightly off mic.

Pro option - Sennheiser MD46 $270

This is the microphone I personally use for recordings and one that is trusted by reporters, radio stations and TV stations around the world.

The big advantage with this microphone is that if your guest starts to talk off mic, this microphone will still capture what’s said.

You’ll need to also buy a pop filter with this microphone which should be between $5-$15.

Podcast Recording

Recording your podcast properly is key in making sure your audio sounds professional.

Recording people in another location:

Here is my recording guide to record via skype:

One you have you gear, I’ll send a seperate instructions based on what you have to show you exactly how to record over the internet via Skype using your new microphone & recorder.

If you don’t need to see the other person, and sound quality is more important I would recommend Zencaster - you’ll want to record a backup version as well though, which is outlined in the last step, of the skype recording guide.

Podcast Editing

This is your chance to ensure you come across sounding professional.

Option 1 - Free. If you’ve got the time to learn a new program and how to edit, audacity and garage band are both free audio editing program used by many podcasts

Option 2 - The Simple Edit. For $79/ep I’ll ensure all levels are professionally mixed and mastered, background noise removed and I’ll mix your intro and outro in.

Option 3 - The professional Edit - Minute-by-minute edit of your podcast to ensure continuity, flow and removal of any mistakes. Includes complete mixing and mastering. 

Price based on length of supplied audio:

<30mins $109/ep || <45mins $165/ep || <60mins $225/ep

Podcast Hosting

I recommend Podbean, which gives you really great insights into your podcast and will give you the required information to get your podcast onto Spotfiy, Itunes and Google podcasts.