Podcast Intro & Outro Packages.

The PROFESSIONAL Podcast Intro & Outro Package 

Complete with your choice of voice over artist, effects and premium music to fit the tone of your podcast.

  • Professionally crafted podcast Intro & Outro 
  • Your selection of professional voice over artist. (Up to 10 lines of dialogue)
  • Your choice of premium music to fit the tone of your podcast
  • Assistance with script writing if required.
  • Direct contact with producer via phone or email to discuss creative vision. 

Podcast Editing.

Give your podcast the chance to sound world class.


Minute-by-minute edit of your podcast (up to 60mins per episode) to ensure continuity, flow and removal of any mistakes. Includes complete mixing and mastering. 

  • Removal of all ums, ahhs and mistakes
  • Removal of any additional parts as instructed
  • Intro & Outro mixed in
  • If required, removal of background noise
  • Complete mixing and mastering of final podcast including compression to ensure all levels are consistent, EQ and noise reduction to ensure your podcast sounds world class
  • Direct contact with producer via phone and email.


For those who simply require a pre-existing Intro & Outro mixed in, basic editing and simple mixing and mastering

  • Pre-existing intro & outro mixed in
  • Removal of 2-3 sections of audio
  • Simple mixing and mastering applied to fix any major level issues.