We provide a complete solution for your podcast production needs.

The simple podcast intro and outro package.

Designed for those requiring professional production on a budget.

  • Simple podcast intro and outro.

  • Your selection of male or female voice over

  • 1x simple music track included

  • Built based on script supplied by you.

The professional podcast intro and outro package.

This is a premium experience with assistance with script writing and idea generation, premium music included and your choice of any of the 34 voice over artists on the site to be the voice of your podcast.

  • Professional podcast intro and outro.

  • Your selection of 34 voice over artists

  • Your selection of one premium music track

  • Assistance with script writing and creative idea generation

  • Consultation to discuss your podcast

Included in this package is advice on recording, editing and publishing your podcast. You’ll have me as your producer to guide you from start to finish.

Podcast Artwork Design

Work with a top graphic designer who will create serval mocks for you + multiple revisions to get a final design

Podcast Editing.

Give your podcast the chance to sound world class.


A simple mix and master of your podcast to ensure all levels are consistent and your podcast sounds great.

  • Intro & Outro mixed in

  • Removal of 2-3 sections of audio if required

  • Simple mixing and mastering applied to fix any major level issues.


For those who want their podcast to sound professional.

Minute-by-minute edit of your podcast to ensure continuity, flow and removal of any mistakes. Includes complete mixing and mastering. 

Price based on length of audio supplied, get in touch for a free quote.

  • Removal of all ums, ahhs and mistakes

  • Removal of any additional parts as instructed

  • Intro & Outro mixed in

  • Removal of background noise

  • Complete mixing and mastering of final podcast including compression to ensure all levels are consistent, EQ and noise reduction to ensure your podcast sounds world class.

  • Direct contact with producer via phone and email.