Everything you need for your podcast.

Below is an overview of all available services.

Creative Consulting

Plan your podcast series.

Darcy will provide free, general advice on planning your podcast series.

Elle Beatie, Executive Producer, Writer and Content Specialist is available if you require a complete planning service or content coaching.

Podcast Recording

Make sure your podcast sounds great.

Have your podcast professionally recorded.

Pop-up recording studio in your office/space with professional microphones, stands and recording equipment operated by Darcy or get advice on how to record your podcast remotely.

Sound Design

Simple podcast intro & outro package.

Idea from you, built by me.

Includes one male or female voice over. Simple music will be used and built based on script provided by you.

Professional podcast intro & outro package.

Custom package creation.

Assistance with script writing and idea generation, your selection from 34 professional voice over artists and premium music used for your theme. Includes several mocks and multiple revisions as needed.

Podcast Theming.

Tell your story with sound.

Have your podcast themed complete with professional music and sound effects.

All music used has the correct podcast music licence required.

Podcast Editing

The Simple Edit

A simple mix and master of your podcast to ensure all levels are consistent and your podcast sounds great.

Intro & outro will be mixed in, three edits can be made if needed and simple mixing and mastering to ensure your levels are correct.

The Professional Edit

Minute-by-minute edit of your podcast to ensure continuity, flow and removal of any mistakes + complete mixing and mastering. 

Intro & outro will be mixed in, unlimited edits can be requested, background noise removed + complete mixing and mastering to ensure your podcast sounds world class.

Podcast Artwork

Make sure your podcast looks great!

Tim Lee, a leading designer in the podcast and radio world is available to make custom podcast artwork for you.

Includes several mocks + multiple revisions to get to the final design.

Podcast Publishing

Darcy will personally publish your podcast on your behalf.

This will ensure it’s correctly published to Itunes, Spotify and Google Podcasts.