Congratulations, you are our newest VIP!

I'm Darcy Milne, welcome to Pro Podcast Production.

As the proud owner and head of production for Pro Podcast Production, I can tell you my greatest joy comes from taking your idea, bringing that to life through sound and helping you get your podcast onto the podcast app!

As our newest VIP here at you receive priority production on the following services + as my gift to you, you’ll receive a free simple edit valued at $79 with your first purchase to make sure your first episode sounds great.

Take your time in seeing what services will best suit you, have a listen to the examples (in the menu above) and then when you are ready get in touch below:

Podcast Intro & Outro

Simple podcast intro & outro

Idea from you, built by me.

Includes one male or female voice over. Simple music will be used and built based on script provided by you.

Professional podcast intro & outro

Custom package creation.

Inclusive of assistance with script writing and idea generation, your selection of 34 voice over artists and premium music used.

Includes several mocks + multiple revisions as needed.

Podcast Editing


A simple mix and master of your podcast to ensure all levels are consistent and your podcast sounds great.

Intro & outro will be mixed in, three edits can be made if needed and simple mixing and mastering to ensure your levels are correct.

The Professional Edit.

Minute-by-minute edit of your podcast to ensure continuity, flow and removal of any mistakes + complete mixing and mastering. 

Intro & outro will be mixed in, unlimited edits can be requested, background noise removed + complete mixing and mastering to ensure your podcast sounds world class.

Podcast Artwork

Make sure your podcast looks great!

I’ve partnered with Tim Lee, a leading designer in the podcast and radio world who will create a custom image for you.

Includes several mocks + multiple revisions to get to the final design.

Podcast Recording

Limited to Sydney area.

Have your podcast professionally recorded.

Inclusive of a pop-up recording studio in your office/space with professional microphones, stands and recording equipment operated by me.